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Google PageSpeed

Google hates slow websites. The Google PageSpeed site is a great place to checkout what Google thinks about your website speed and get some valuable insight into what it thinks are your best options to make some improvements. The PageSpeed site provides valuable information on various speed optimizations that can easily be made to your website and even offers useful optimzed assets for download. Site speed is a ranking factor in searches on both mobile and desktop so it’s obviously very important to take these proposed site optimizations seriously and to follow through on the improvements that can be made. At meetoo we take site speed very seriously right from the start, it’s not something to be added on at a later date.

Google PageSpeedJust enter your website URL to see what Google suggests as possible performance optimizations, you’ll get information regarding css and js minification, image optimization and caching, plus what files are causing render blocking issues. It’s worthwhile working through all the proposed web performance improvements one by one, checking and re-checking as you go.

At meetoo we love making the ‘PageSpeed’ optimizations to squeeze every bit of potential speed from the sites we are working on.

The sites we build have speed optimization in mind from the start.

WordPress Optimisation
Following the PageSpeed guidelines aren’t the only improvements that can be made on a WordPress site, speed optimization forms only part of a complete SEO strategy.

We would also look at the following:

  • Database Optimizations
  • Caching

It’s vitally important to have extensive WordPress knowledge to be able to make the necessary improvements to both new and existing WordPress sites whilst maintaining usability, stability and security.