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Mobile Friendly?

It’s vitally important your website is mobile friendly.

At meetoo we build sites using ‘responsive web design’, which means your site will look good on all devices including smart phones, tablets and desktop.

A recent success story was the redesign of, Clarion UK are a well established successful Security Systems company based in Manchester.

Clarion’s large WordPress website didn’t pass Google’s mobile friendly test, leaving users with a very sub-optimal user experience as well as the potential loss of traffic due to the reduced ranking factor for not being ‘mobile friendly’.

Meetoo was approached to rebuild the site using a more modern layout but keeping the overall colour scheme intact whilst ensuring no disruption to existing users and that everything worked well on all devices. A very important aspect of the project was to make all content accessible via the WordPress Dashboard, originally various sections of content were ‘hard coded’ and couldn’t be easily edited by the site administrator. To ensure full administrator access to all site content all template files for the new WordPress theme needed to be rewritten from scratch keeping all the original functionality and adding ‘widgetized areas’ were appropriate.

An image slider was added, plus various additional css styling touches to enhance user experience.

Meetoo also trained the site administrator on best use of the updated system. As a result content updates became quicker and easier.

The project was a completed without disruption to Clarion and it’s website users.